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Content is King for your Web Pages

Content is King for web pages – make those web spiders fall in love with your website

The struggle to get high ranking in the search engines, to just get your page found by your customers is becoming increasingly difficult.

While some Webmasters create amazing tricks and scams to gain hits

But Google is close behind them, closing loopholes and penalising websites.

The only real way forward is genuinely relevant content

For most businesses web marketing isn’t a numbers game anyway – you need relevant hits from relevant searches by relevant potential customers

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

A few years ago I had high ranking pages for broad term searches,

Very satisfying to achieve but utterly pointless from a business perspective, and as the web grew my broad search results became even more pointless as I realised the work to maintain them was time wasted

Content is King, in fact Content is Everything*

If I’m highly placed in a search for ‘writing’ what use is that?

Sure, I’ll get lots of hits; but how many are relevant?

Target your niche, then target your sub niche

Drill down, drill down, then drill down again

I don’t need to waste my time and effort chasing ‘writing’ hits, I only need ‘content is king for your web-pages’ hits and I’m a happy website owner.

And with six or more well written, related, web pages containing interesting, relevant content that’s an easier target than you might think.

Remember content is king!

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

My content rich web page process

Get in touch with me, let’s talk through your needs.
You’ll need about two or three key phrases per page and two or three pages per niche minimum.
Get yourself a web designer who’ll layout your template site.
Add the words I’ve written, about 350 words per page.

Alternatively, point me at your current website, I’ll let you know what I think.

How much will it cost?

Let’s talk about it, or exchange a few emails, first.

Let’s talk about where you are right now, and where you want to be.

Does your site need a complete re-write or just a re-edit and re-order of your current content?

I’ll give you a firm quote before I start, then you can say yes or no!

What if my content rich web pages fail?

It sometimes takes three months, or more, for the search engines to work their magic but, subject to our agreeing the parameters of your niche search string, if you’re not in the first three pages of Google you get the choice: I’ll rewrite your pages until you are, or give you a full refund

And I wouldn’t make a promise like that if I thought I couldn’t achieve a 99.999% success rate

*Content is King – Content is Everything – but it has to readable too