Corporate Video Scriptwriter

A great corporate video script starts with a great brief  . . . and a great corporate video scriptwriter

Corporate Video Scriptwriter – Alan Howarth

You can create a video brief yourself by following my guide – or if you don’t have the time, I’ll meet with you and your team and we can hammer out the final brief together.

Your video brief must be a concise, tight, all issues solved, signed off document.

Not much in this life is ‘set in stone’ but your video script brief really should be. It’s no good half way through the final edit saying: “What about . . ?” or “We forgot . . !”

Here’s the thought/discussion process you should follow

  1. Why are you making a video – What story are you trying to tell?
  2. What do you want the video to achieve – Target one result, other benefits will flow from your business video but you need one target to aim for.
  3. Who is going to see this video – You should select a primary audience and maybe two or three closely related secondaries to produce a powerful production?
  4. What do you want your audience to know after viewing this piece – If you don’t know what you want the viewer to know how can you succeed?
  5. What do want your want audience to do after watching your video – you need your call to action – call you, buy, make an appointment, leave email address – but only ask for one action
  6. The question at the front of your audience’s mind: What’s in it for me? – make sure you don’t waste their time, they won’t forgive you easily.
  7. Include all your business related ‘must have’ phrases, tag lines, keywords – but no jargon, unless that’s the only language your target audience speaks.

I know you could do it yourself, but often do-it-yourself takes longer and very often costs more . . . if you take account of the income you’re losing by wasting time . . .  I can produce your brief/script now . . . or quite soon . . . and your video will be producing profits!

I could spend a day with you, and your team – Speak to everyone involved and produce the brief on-site

Or we could have the conversations over Skype, with a final video conference call to reach the final video brief – all depending on the way your business operates.

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

Here’s what Chris Teague of Rapport Events says about working with me

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And if, after all, you don’t choose me to write your brief, or as your corporate video scriptwriter either, make certain you’re going to give your corporate video brief the importance it deserves – don’t delegate it to the office junior or scribble it down on the back of an envelope – in fact if you can’t give the brief or the script the full attention it requires, you’d probably be better cancelling your corporate video project altogether and avoid wasting your time and money.