eBooks, White Papers, ‘Short Reads’

Your business, every business, is built on trust, belief and credibility, and nothing creates that trust, belief and credibility better than published writing – ebooks, white papers, guides.

You have the knowledge, but . . . do you have the time and the writing skills to produce it yourself?

If not:

  • I can write your business ebook that will establish your authority in your business niche.
  • I can write your reports, white papers and guides to establish your authority, use me every time there’s something new, something changes or something needs explanation in your business niche.
  • I have an ‘outside’ view of your content, you know it inside out. My need to understand your subject means to write means it’s a complete book, you leave nothing out.

But . . . paying me to write for you is pointless if you don’t take advantage of the other benefits your book can bring. I can help you with these too.

  • eBook sales: good informative ‘short read’ non-fiction ebooks can, if well presented and priced, generate income of itself, at the same time as building your reputation. This is solely your income, I don’t demand a share of your royalties. Sample eBook
  • Webinars: The ebook we write together can give you the authority to host webinars on your business niche. Whether you charge for these webinars or use them to build your list is your choice, depending on your business needs. You should also record your webinars and republish them as podcasts
  • Public Speaking: You can, on the basis of the authority your book gives you easily gain opportunities as a public speaker. There’s a constant demand for speakers with a good knowledge of their business field, and your fee could be substantial.
  • Seminars, classes or course: Face to face teaching can be rewarding personally, and very profitable financially too. Most business class hotels offer conference/meeting services, including meals etc, at reasonable rates. A great authority builder.
  • Coaching: Following on from all of the above is the opportunity to offer one-to-one coaching and support.
  • Consultancy: Many companies require short term niche knowledge specialists, or over longer periods, access to specialist skills. Being an authority figure in your chosen niche offers the opportunity to offer these consultancy services.
  • Build your list. Offering something of value in exchange for your prospective clients email address is a powerful way to build influence and authority for you and your business – as well as making sales.

How does this work?

How much does it cost?

It’s a pay as you go process –

  1. Get in touch, phone or email, we can discuss your needs . . . No Fee
  2. Skype Meetings . . . we get down to the details – work out exactly what you need – what would work best to achieve your target – what you need from me – what you’ll provide – work out the outline of your ebook (chapters, content, cost) . . . £ 100 for two meetings – the first to discuss the project fully, the second to work through and confirm an outline plan
  3. Further Skype or Face to Face meetings by arrangement – after our first Skype meeting we’ll know if you want me to produce the whole package, do parts of it, or coach you through – include in a fixed price quote.

All books are produced/approved/paid on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Skype Meetings are pay as you go.

I’m happy with anyone, but I can only write in English.

Call me now, before you eBook or white paper becomes another good idea left undone?