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Freelance Scriptwriter

Freelance Scriptwriter – Corporate Video

Who are we talking to? What do we want to say? What outcome equals success?
Keep it direct, keep it focused, keep it concise – this is film, not prose!
Corporate video should tell the story to the target audience.
It’s encapsulated in those first three sentences – Who are we talking to? What do we want to say? What outcome equals success? Here’s one of my corporate video scripts

Freelance Scriptwriter – Documentary

Understand the project, let’s do some research, read around the subject, talk to people, let’s find out some more, find the questions that need answering, find the subjects to interview, shoot the interviews, back to the script, select the sound bites that say it all, do we need to get creative with links and voice-over, a captivating intro, let’s wrap it up – cut the cliches, cut the crap – I love writing documentary scripts – give me a call. Here’s one of my documentary scripts

Freelance Scriptwriter – Advertising

Getting a powerful message over in a 30 second film – I hate cliches but how else can you say it – less is more.
Research, research, research.
Write the message.
Edit, cut, rewrite, pump up the emotion, edit, cut, rewrite, edit, cut, rewrite, it’s done – no it’s not – I’ll just rewrite it again – the difficult part is knowing when to stop! Here’s the story of one of my advertising scripts

Freelance Scriptwriter – Film

Writing for film is a unique skill, whether you categorise it as an art or a craft.

The mantra – show don’t tell – is the guide to which every scriptwriter should work, no matter what the project.

Every word should be loaded with depth and intensity of meaning that accentuates the on-screen action. Here’s one of my short film scripts

Freelance Scriptwriting & Alan Howarth

My scripts contain detail that some directors may consider intrusive into their interpretation. I’m not being overly prescriptive. However, as I often write for clients where the production team is still to be commissioned, I aim for a script that allows clients with no previous film making experience the opportunity to easily interpret the script visually