Freelance Writing for YOU

Freelance Writing – Sometimes the right words just drip from my fingertips in perfect formation –

Yeah, but, mostly, good writing takes time and several re-writes. It’s the freelance writer’s life. Need a freelance writer – Call me now.

Freelance Writing: Journalism

Over 25 years of freelance journalism experience with contributions to consumer and trade magazines and newspapers – everything from the local free sheet to the Sunday Times.
My specialties: Interviews – people on all levels and thought provoking pieces taking a new look at tired subjects. It’s the freelance life. Sample: A day in the life

Freelance Writing: Corporate Video Scriptwriting

On message, on budget, on time – informative scripts that engage and convince your target audience – whether it’s voice over or a piece to camera.

I can even help you write your brief – so your film crew know exactly what you need to say, what you want to say and who you’re saying it to.

It’s a freelance life Corporate Video Scriptwriting

Freelance Writing: Scriptwriting

Intelligent, lively, energetic scripts with a touch of humour are what I strive for.

I come with ideas – but I’m not precious about them – criticism holds no terrors for me – I’ll re-write without sulks or tantrums – but I’ll stand by my words if they’re the best solution.

It’s the freelance writer’s life. Sample: Romantic Poets script

Freelance Writing: Advertising Scripts

A Sparkling Script for your Promo – Strong Headline – Gripping Body Copy – Memorable Strap Line – In thirty seconds of video.

Advertising is my fascination – To improve and polish the words – To make them NEW and BETTER is my passion. Story of a commission

Freelance Writing: Ghostwriting

If you need to produce an article or feature for a trade journal or magazine but you really don’t have enough time to produce it yourself, to the standard you’d like, I can do it for you – and you keep the kudos.

If you want to produce a full non-fiction book I can do that for you too – and you’ll get sole recognition as the author.

I’ll produce a sample for approval before you commit to a commission.

Give me some of your notes, we can talk it through, then I’ll produce a few pages based on your own project.

It’s a freelance writer’s life. Ghostwriting more information