A ghostwriter will improve your business

Six ways you win

Writing your blog and creating your web content

      1.  A Ghostwriter is a professional just like you are.

You’re the expert in your field, whatever your career, trade or profession therefore you understand your specialist area, you have the knowledge, the experience, the skill. But, do you have the same level of skill and knowledge when it comes to words and writing? Can you choose the correct style or technique of writing to reach your reader? Can you communicate your message, directly, interestingly and make it memorable. I’m a ghostwriter, which means words are my business, and because of that I write quality, targeted content to engage your potential clients, this will encourage them to take the next step to becoming your customers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation or producing hard to understand, confusing messages.

      2. I get your writing done quickly.

Ghostwriting’s my job, so obviously my focus is on you, you message and your time – nothing else. I don’t need to leave my desk to sort out other problems, handle customer queries, manage staff or organise sales. I can write your 500-word blog or a page of your website in one sitting, no distractions. A short e-book takes a while longer, but each chapter will get my of undivided attention, until it’s complete

      3.  Save Time

Hire me to write your web content or blog and it will free up your own time to attend to your clients, your customers and working on your business – the things you’re excellent at doing. Yes, you’ll be paying me, but I believe your business will produce a higher rate of return and generate more income than my fees – and the writing I produce will be earning money for you, while, doing it yourself, you’ll still be sitting at your computer wondering what you’re doing.

      4. Keep an eye on S E O.

I create well-constructed blogs and web content as part of your inbound marketing campaign. You’ll discover your website rankings improve, resulting in a move up Google or Bing’s pages. Of course, while pleasing the search engines your content needs remain readable and useful to your human readers. Keeping ahead of the algorithm curve is part of my commitment to you.

      5.  Cut your stress.

You hate to write, but you know writing is vital for your business, however I know you’d rather be doing your own job, the work you enjoy rather than the chore you hate. You sit at your computer and your mind instantly goes blank, the words don’t come, and as a result, you get more and more frustrated, irritable bad tempered with the potential risk your mood could spill over into your business. This could upset your staff, or far worse, upset your family. If you pass your words and writing responsibility to me, you’ll find it’s my passion. In return, you’ll shed a load of your stress and you’ll get first class work from me which will power your business forward – everybody wins.

      6.  A different point of view

Looking in from the outside, I see your business as a client, with a different eye, often we get too close to the details of our business, it’s too personal, to much a part of us. We don’t see what others see. The analogy I like is about dogs. To you, your dog, is the best dog ever, more loving, more faithful, the most trustworthy, you never tell other people this because it’s so self evident. This may be true; but for everyone else it’s just another dog.

I’m a ghostwriter for hire, talk to me, let’s see what we can do together.
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