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Ghostwriter article & features – get your name in the papers

How valuable would it be for your business to have articles in your local paper explaining what you do?

How much would you gain from having a series of features ‘written by you’ in the national trade press?

Being known by your clients as an industry expert is a powerful reason for them to continue being your clients.

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

Ghostwriting – a solid opportunity!

Articles in the press carrying your ‘by-line’ will produce an amazing boost for your business

Much better  than the response from editorial coverage

And far better than advertising

You  expect to spend money on marketing and advertising

But maybe it’s time you considered the opportunities of using a ghost writer as an alternative?

Using me to ghost write articles and features under your name could be a great business move

Here’s the logic:

Small circulation publications, whether limited by location or special interest audiences have a problem – they need good quality articles to maintain their audience, but they can’t pay professional level fees to attract quality writers.

You don’t have the time, or the skills, to transfer your knowledge from brain to the page – but you definitely have the knowledge.

And you know how much your business would benefit from the exposure.

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

There’s internet coverage too

Everyone’s hungry for good content and having your words and ideas whizzing round the web, especially if they link back to your website can be even more valuable than the printed page.

Here’s how it works

1. Together we make a plan – What you can offer? Where do you want to be seen?
2. I’ll contact the publication, tell/sell them the idea.
3. I’ll interview you and get the information, maybe add some photography, and produce the piece
4. I submit the package to the publication, under your name.

Any problems? None!

The publisher’s happy, they’re getting better copy than they can afford
I’m happy, I’m writing instead of pitching editors
You’re happy, getting exposure as an expert  . . . Well, it’s your knowledge anyway!

How much is access to this niche market worth to your business?

Do this simple sum
1. Find the cost of a half page advert in your chosen publication.
2. Multiply by 6 – the standard assessment of editorial benefit over advertising.
3. Double it – the value benefit of being the author of the piece.

How much will it cost for Alan Howarth to ghost-write for you?

Probably a lot less than you imagine

Does this sound like an interesting opportunity for your business?

Get in touch, let’s talk, there are ghostwriting opportunities for your business, maybe even a ghostwritten blog?

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!