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Ghostwriter Non Fiction

Your ghostwritten non-fiction book – empty your head into my hands

Funding the ghost writing of your non-fiction book benefits from the way the publishing industry works. Non-Fiction books are sold on proposal not on the finished book.

You and I, your ghostwriter, need to convince a publisher that your non-fiction book is going to sell.

Our proposal must demonstrate that:
1. You have a saleable book.
2. There is a potential audience.
3. The book will be profitable.
4. The book will be finished.

Before we get down to work I need to be convinced that we have 1, 2 & 3 covered too. I’m not going to waste your money and my time and contacts on a potentially fruitless quest. If I don’t feel a publisher will be interested in your book I will not accept the project.

Ghostwriter – non-fiction books what we need to produce.

One, maybe two, chapters of the proposed book together with an outline of the rest.

Evidence of the size of the audience and potential sales figures.

Evidence that you are the right person to author the book.

You are the author of your non-fiction book.

As a ghostwriter of non-fiction books my imput is purely that of a writer. You are the expert, the knowledge is yours. I help you structure your thoughts and ideas then I transform them into ordered, readable prose. But it is your book, the research and the verification of facts is your responsibility. I will read around your topic so I can ask the right sort of questions but the content is yours. You will be the first to read, and approve, the manuscript – chapter by chapter.

The benefits of producing a ghostwritten non-fiction book.

1. Expert status – you could be the one everyone turns to for expert opinion.
2. Career status – improved status for you and your business, consultancy opportunities, employment opportunities.
3. Public speaking – if you’re comfortable in front of an audience there’s sure to be an audience, and the fees are good too.
4. And, of course, the royalties on your book.

The financial commitment

I usually ghostwrite non-fiction books on a fixed fee basis. You are responsible for my fees up to the proposal being accepted, then the publisher’s advance will fund the writing, and the fees you have already advanced – unless you want to go the digital self publish route – let’s talk.