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Ghostwriting for your business

Ghostwriting will get your job done

Having the knowledge or information and getting it down on paper are two entirely separate issues for most people. It could be lack of writing skills or, more likely, lack of time.

Ghostwriting – Articles and Features

Perhaps a small circulation magazine, newsletter, local newspaper or freesheet, could use your well written article, understandably the fees are low, but it would be good for your business to reach this niche audience. I’m happy to ghostwrite the article, or series of articles, and for you and your business to take the credit and kudos. Ghostwriter – articles & features

However, from a business standpoint, the benefits of producing an article or a book are far more valuable than the fees paid and having your words and ideas whizzing round the internet can be even more valuable.

If your time is in short supply, but your desire get your knowledge ‘out there’ isn’t, let me do the writing for you. Ghostwriting, it’s a great way for me to meet interesting people. Call me.

Ghostwriting – Web Pages

The only way to get a consistent high ranking for your website with Google and the other search engines is to produce good quality content. Tricks and super tricks come and go, this month’s dodge is next month’s don’t. Content is king, as always. I’ll write interesting, information rich content, targeted at your own niche, or multiple niche markets. Make your site relevant to your required audience and your site will have a constant stream of relevant to your business hits. Ghostwriter – content rich web pages

Ghostwriting – Your Big Story

My prime interest here is to help you sell your book to a publisher. I’ll produce a proposal, the first chapter, an outline of the subsequent chapters and a market analysis. If it gets accepted we’ll finish the job. If we can’t find a publisher you’ve got to decide whether to continue funding the process. Consider this very carefully, I’d probably advise against.

Ghostwriting – Non Fiction

Your specialist subject has become very topical and it needs presenting in language everyone can understand. Or it could be your company’s history. Or it could be a niche skill you want to share. Same plan as above, let’s snare a publisher to fund it. However your company’s history may well need financial support through to publication. Ghostwriter – non-fiction books