Ghostwritten Blogs

Why use Alan for your Ghostwritten Blog?

You get professionally written blog posts for you, and your business, on time, on message, on budget.

While you and your team get on with running your business

So, why have a blog at all?
It’s all about web ranking!

Google loves solid, reliable, informative web content, but it also loves fresh, new active content.
If your website already contains solid, informative content related to your business, you won’t want to change it.
Add a blog, linked to your website, add bits of news and comment and increase the content without altering your core website and increase the activity so Google loves you even more.

It’s about recognition and reputation too!

People love a good blog – it’s like the opinion piece in newspapers, it’s a fresh look at you, your business and your thoughts and opinions on your industry. Your clients and potential clients want to now if you’re a thought leader or a thought follower?

And the secret of a successful blog is producing quality, engaging, relevant content – consistently.

Problem is, that’s difficult for most of us to organise, create and maintain – look at most company blogs and after an initial flourish, things ground to a halt within a couple of months, with 9 out of 10 blogs totally abandoned.

It’s easy to understand why. Effective blogging takes time and effort, it’s the job that get’s pushed aside, accidentally forgotten about or delegated to the office goldfish – which is why you should hire me for a professionally ghostwritten blog.

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!

Here’s how it works

First we do some research, to create your blogging strategy

What are your competitors blogging?
What are you going to say?
How are we going to say it?
Who is the audience?

Secondly, I need an introduction to you, your business, your team, and your key words and phrases – so that I can write with confidence, and with the right tone of voice and language. 

Thirdly, we need to set a schedule, or blogging plan, while your blog should have natural feel it should have thread of structure running though it.

You need about 300 well-written, key-word-rich words of new blog text every month, spread between 2 or 3 posts.

This will generate search traffic – which will raise your website in Google’s rankings – which will creates sales.

And I do the work, leaving you free to can focus on your business, knowing the blogging side of your Social media communication is OK

I can write quality blog posts for you, and your business, on time, on message, on budget.

I guarantee every post will be delivered on time . . . or its free.

I guarantee every post will be relevant . . . by arranging monthly interviews with you, or your staff, for ‘of the moment’ post topics

I guarantee each blog post will be first class, engaging information.

I guarantee every post will support your website by including relevant keywords at the appropriate density, while retaining natural speech patterns.

Ghostwritten Blogs: If you already have a dormant, failed, unloved blog let me transform it into a powerful marketing tool for your business . . . and if you haven’t already got a dormant, failed, unloved blog . . . so much the better, let me make your blog work for you and your business from the start.

I can do this for you – call me – let’s start the conversation!