Quit Your Google-dependency

Google’ is part of our language.

Unfortunately, Google, is also a prefix for many others – Google-stress, Google-anxiety, and worst of all Google-dependency?

Deep in the night, you hear a whisper in a dream, “Oh bugger, they’ve done it again!”

Like the cycle of the moon Google pulls an update stunt and your world falls to pieces as your page rank fades, like last year’s X factor winner, into nowhereness.

This ‘jumping at shadows’ attitude, to Google’s algorithm tweaks, however marginal, comes down to one fact – Google-dependency! We depend on being found search results for our very existence.

So, why do we tremble before Google? Are they just a bunch of bad people trying to destroy your business, mine and every other business, purely out of spite, malice and vicious ill will?

And do we really need to re-work our websites for every new face Google pulls.

One Prime Task

Google, and other search engines, have one prime task – to deliver relevant and fresh information in response to a search query. And Google does this really well, and to be truthful I think it gets better every year.

We all use Google right now, but if a better search engine appeared tomorrow Google would go the same way as the search engines we used BG, Before Google. (I would list some of them here, but, honestly, I’ve forgotten them all.)

Just as we quake before Google, in truth, Google quakes before every new upstart that threatens their dominance . . . Why else would they buy up every competitor that makes some noise?

Love the 800lb Gorilla

Learn to love Google. Adore the giant silver back gorilla it has become, and, to paraphrase Voltaire, believe, “Everything is for the best in the best of all possible Search Engine worlds.”

Four Rules

Here’s my four rules to help you quit your Google-dependency.

1. High Rank is not your birthright.

Google, Bing and all the others, only rank your site if they think it’ll answer the question that someone has searched for. And just because they put your web page in front of someone yesterday, doesn’t mean they’ll do it again tomorrow.

You may have heard this before, ‘Content is King’, Google knows it, and tries to deliver it to its users.

Sometimes it doesn’t, but generally down to a bad search string. Build each of your pages so they focus on one facet of your niche website.

Remember Google owes you nothing. If you don’t make the first couple of pages, it’s because, in Google’s eyes, you don’t merit it.

2. Google make their Rules

They don’t have to tell you how and why, though actually they’re mostly pretty helpful.

They ‘sort of’ publish their idea of best practice, so if you choose not to work along with their theories of search, don’t complain if they don’t ‘find’ your website.

Don’t spend hours trying to decipher apparently ‘coded’ messages or search for secrets hidden between the lines – they aren’t there.

3. Ignore Google

Work on the content of your pages. Make them interesting and relevant for the people you want them to be found by, forget the rest, they don’t concern you.

Find other ways of getting your message out there – Social Media etc.

Remember, that girl/guy at school that you wanted so desperately. Yes, you know, the one that looked through you as if you were invisible. If you’d had the courage to ignore them too, they may have found you so much more interesting

Amazingly, if you do all this Google may suddenly fall in love with you, but equally, like your school crush, it may not. Get on with your life and your business without them.

4. Pitch for Google anyway

Well, you may as well, just don’t give your life to it.

A bit of SEO tweaking of your site won’t do any harm, as long as you put your audience first – make each of your web pages focus on one facet of your niche website. Your clients, customers, potential or current, are far more important than robot spiders.

Make your website simple, direct and intuitive to explore.

Make your content interesting, entertaining and useful – and if that’s a problem, let me produce your web copy.

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