Simple words, short sentences, no sale

The Right Word

I’ve been a writer for longer than most of you have been breathing in and out. Back when you were still sucking your dummy, I was probably sucking my pen, wondering if I’d chosen the right word. Years have passed, my pen sucking has morphed into screen gazing, but I continue to suffer ‘creative confidence failure’. My belief that I’ve written a world class piece evaporates the moment I click ‘send’.  Why, oh why, have I sent this wonderful person, who’s paying me generously, this illiterate rubbish?

This ‘self worth fatigue’ is the reason I read everything I can find about writing technique. Because I always strive to be a better writer. I want to learn. I want to know. I love to make words sing in tune.

Instruction or Sale

Recently though, I’ve been reading lots of pieces suggesting you keep your writing simple, with easy words and short sentences. Good advice? If it’s simple instruction, like how to make a cup of tea, simple words are good. But if you want to sell a kettle simple words won’t do the job.

You know a sale is rarely made on the first presentation, it often takes several meetings. Which is why your written sales message needs a hook. It’ll keep your potential buyer’s mind drifting back to it, because every time it pops into their mind it works like another pitch.

What’s Your Message?

Fill your sales writing with memorable phrases, original metaphors and quirky elegance and it’ll keep your message in your reader’s mind. Keep them thinking and there’s more chance of making the sale. Because, despite anything you may be thinking, all writing is trying to sell – an idea, a product, a feeling, a desire, a mood.

The benefit is, in a few days, maybe weeks, your reader will be trying to re-find your post or web page. A Google search for that memorable phrase, that original metaphor could deliver a top ten result.

So, next time you’ve got something to write, instead of working at keeping it simple, work at keeping it in your buyer’s thoughts, or maybe, hire me to do it for you.

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