Writing a Video Script

You want a corporate video.

So, you need a corporate video script.

But, before you start to write your script, you need to do some thinking, and some planning:

Who is your target audience? 

You need to be specific; a scatter-gun approach misses everyone. Decide on your ideal customer and write your script for them. Write in a conversational voice, something they’ll understand and warm too. Because viewers switch off if the voice over is condescending or lecturing. One problem I see regularly is over technical scripts – written by geeks, for geeks. Is that really you viewer, and decision maker?

Get everyone involved. 

During the planning phase, each department of your business needs to talk through the content from their point of view. List the topics they see as important. If someone covers more than one area, get them to look at it from each area separately. In the final edit, you may cut some of these issues from the script – but this should be a decision of choice, not because you missed something

Decide how you’re going to tell your story.

Will there be an A to B sequence of events or information.  Make your story easier to understand. You’re telling your story to someone with little or no knowledge of your company, or process. Don’t forget the simple, basic everyday stuff you take for granted. Don’t leave your viewer guessing or puzzled, it’ll make them feel stupid, and they’ll hate you for it.

Open with a bang.

Grab the viewer’s attention. Make a bold statement. Ask a controversial question. Let the viewer know you’re going to solve their problem. If your video isn’t going to solve a problem, don’t waste your time and money producing it.

Don’t get too wordy.

Video is about show, not tell. Make a schedule of the video’s action first, what your audience will see. Let the words follow the visuals, to explain the things that won’t, or can’t, be on screen. Never, ever, ever say what you can clearly see.

Work on your ‘call to action’

Everything leads to this. What do you want your viewer to do when they’ve watched? You need to tell them. Try to weave this into your script, maybe add a couple of hints as the video progresses. If you want them to ‘buy’ you need to be pointing out the value from the outset.

Ok, the above is a good process to follow when you need to write a script. But before you do it yourself consider: Who is going to organise the process? Who is going to make the final decisions? Assess the time factor. If you want a video, you want it now, not in six months – it may be better to allocate the script-writing role to a professional. Consider how much income you will generate if you outsource the video script, to me, if you produce your video in a few weeks, rather than producing it ‘in house’ and finish twelve months later or perhaps never finish it at all.

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